Scientific schools and research

The Department of Economics and Entrepreneurship has a school and research groups , a number of research initiative and economic-calculation topics, which contributes to the quality development and promotion of research, their implementation and strengthening the interaction between higher education and the business environment.    

AGREEMENT № D0202.01 / 3112.01 / 168/2021 for research work on “Improving the efficiency of competitiveness management LLC” EUROTRADING-Ukraine “in terms of digitalization”

Scientific School “Principles of management and regulation of the national economy and its subjects” Supervisor: Ph.D., prof. Krush PV He has been the head of the school since 1997. Branch of science: economics (economics of the enterprise, regional economy, national economy, organization of production, management and regulation, economic theory). During the period of the school’s activity there were: 3 doctors of sciences, 25 candidates of sciences.

There are two scientific groups at the department Scientific group FMM-11 “Principles of management and regulation of the national economy and its subjects” under the leadership of Ph.D., prof. Krusha PV 

Group members: Doctor of Economics, Prof. Tulchynska SO, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Assoc. Shashina MV , Ph.D. , Assoc. Dergalyuk BV, Ph.D., Assoc. Hryniuk OS, graduate student Pankov OB  

 Areas of scientific and practical activities:

  • Analysis of the competitiveness of national economies. 
  • Strategic management of industrial enterprises. 
  • Entrepreneurship as a factor in the development of innovation and investment model of the economy of Ukraine: diagnosis, analysis, forecasting. 
  • Development of intellectual-innovative system and social infrastructure of regions of Ukraine: diagnostics, analysis, forecasting.
  • Analysis of corporate transformations in the structure of the national economy of Ukraine. 
  • Management of investment and innovation support of industrial enterprises. 
  • Analysis and evaluation of the role of institutions in the functioning and development of the national economy. 
  • Assessment of resource provision of the competitiveness potential of enterprises.
  • Corporate governance: diagnosing efficiency and improving implementation.   
  • Evaluation of effectiveness and improvement of crisis management mechanisms at industrial enterprises.
  • Other studies. 

Scientific group FMM- 10 “Diagnosis of macro- and microprocesses of economic systems” under the leadership of Doctor of Economics, Prof. Marchenko VM (leads the group since 2020).

Branch of science: economics (enterprise economics, organization of production, crisis management, financial and economic diagnostics, economic and mathematical modeling and forecasting of behavior of economic entities, business processes and business planning). 

Member groups: Ph.D. , prof. Martinenko VP, Doctor of Economics, Prof. Grechko AV, Ph.D., Assoc. Kavtish OP, Ph.D., Assoc. Kuzminska NL, graduate student Legeza NV     

Areas of scientific and practical activities:

  • Identification of crisis situations and sources of their occurrence.
  • Assessing the adequacy of the number of staff to the list of required functional responsibilities.
  • Calculation of planned costs in the implementation of startup and business projects, real business costs, identification of sources of potential cost savings.
  • Evaluating the possibility of implementing alternative methods of business cost management.
  • Calculation of the range of product sales prices of a startup project, taking into account the calculated level of costs for its development and the price of potential demand.
  • Calculation of real efficiency of project implementation for business owners.
  • Business planning of an investment project for the purposes of attracting investors, credit funds, etc. 
  • Identification and description of the main and auxiliary business processes in the enterprise. Determination of indicators and indicators for evaluating the effectiveness of each of the business processes.   
  • Analysis of the existing structure of the enterprise and development of a roadmap for the implementation of process management.
  • Business modeling based on stochastic and deterministic approaches.
  • Linear and nonlinear forecasting of quantitative and qualitative changes in economic indicators of business structures.
  • Other studies.

The nature of research groups: fundamental, applied.  

Methodological tools of research groups are a set of economic and mathematical methods for diagnosing and predicting the behavior of economic entities at all levels, modern methods of evaluation, macro- and microeconomic analysis, which saves costs, identify and minimize financial and non-financial risks of losses, ensure profitability business, socio-environmental efficiency, balancing the basic proportions of activity and sustainability of economic entities, regardless of the type of activity.      

Research Department of Economics and Entrepreneurship: 



State registration number / economic contract number 



Entrepreneurship as a factor in the development of innovation and investment model of Ukraine’s economy 

Prof., Ph.D. Krush PV




Improving the efficiency of the institutional structure of the national economy

Prof., Ph.D. Tulchynska SO




Economic diagnostics in the management system of business entities in market conditions

Prof., Doctor of Economics Martinenko VP




Modern problems of economics and management of enterprises and ways to solve them

Prof., Ph.D. Krush PV  




Management of economic security of national economic entities

Prof., Doctor of Economics Marchenko VM




Public and private sectors in the system of management and regulation of the national economy

Assoc. Prof., Ph.D. Shashina MV 




Directions for improving the efficiency of managing the economic potential of enterprises (self-supporting)

Prof., Ph.D. Krush PV 


Agreement № 01/18-GDR dated 30.05.2018 



Improving the efficiency of competitiveness management of LLC “EUROTRADING-Ukraine” in terms of digitalization (self-supporting)

Prof., Doctor of Economics Tulchynska SO 

Contract № D

0201.01 / 3112.01 / 168/2021 dated 20.04.2021


Teachers of the Department of Economics and Entrepreneurship also take an active part in scientific and practical activities of technical faculties. Teaching profile disciplines, they conduct pedagogical work with students. According to their recommendations, students, in particular, were able to visit the international specialized exhibition “Energy in the Industry of Ukraine”. 

Heat and Energy Faculty, gr. TJA (nuclear power plants)    

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Automation, gr. ED (renewable energy sources)

This information shows that the teachers of our department are specialists not only in pure economics, but also have experience and knowledge that allow them to be experts in other areas of our industry. This, in my opinion, is important because our university has a technical focus.

Our teachers are not only involved in student`s learning, but also in participating in the implementation of various scientific papers. This is confirmed by participation in the implementation of tasks on state budget issues, in particular:   

– d / b № 2814 F. “Processes of steam generation of the newest heat carriers in the closed miniature evaporating and condensing systems of space appointment”; 

– d / b № 2111 F. “Processes of heat and mass transfer and hydrodynamics in miniature two-phase heat transfer systems”;

– agreement 201 НО 2018075245 “On the implementation of research work between Huawei Technologies Company and the National Technical University of Ukraine” Kyiv Polytechnic Institute named after Igor Sikorsky “.

In addition, our teachers find time to engage in inventive activities that have high applied results. In particular:

– “Device for heating and heat treatment of viscous material”. Authors: Nishchyk OP, Rudenko OI , Terekh OM, Pidlisna OA , Rogachev VA Patent of Ukraine for a utility model № 120616. Publ. 10.11.2017, bul. № 21;   

– “Transformer”. Authors: Rudenko OI , Nishchik OP, Terekh OM, Bakhmachuk SV ,Kryvda О.V. Patent of Ukraine for a utility model № 145895. Publ. 06.01.2021 , bul . № 1. We invite scientists, graduate students, business leaders, startup project developers, government officials, investors and everyone who is not indifferent to science and the results of their companies to fruitful cooperation! More details about science and innovation in KPI. Igor Sikorsky Science Innovation Research Development ; More details about the scientific activity of the Faculty of Management and Marketing of KPI. Igor Sikorsky: Scientific activity of the faculty