To organize the educational process, the department uses the material and technical base of KPI. Igor Sikorsky, resources of the Faculty of Management and Marketing and the Department.

Table 1. Material and technical base of the department

Material and technical support of the educational institution (according to the license conditions) 

Presentation of the material and technical base of KPI named after Igor Sikorsky

General training areas of own buildings of KPI named after Igor Sikorsky “are 352320.0 m . The training area assigned to the department is 194 m . The total number of premises of the department is 4, from them: 1 computer class, 2 methodical offices, 1 class of course and diploma design (table 1). According to the university as a whole, one full-time student has an area of 17.8 m , according to the department, one full-time student has an area of 1.04 m (the total number of students studying at the department in November 2017 is 186 people) . All buildings are connected to utilities (water supply, sewerage, heating, electricity). Material values are stored in the rooms equipped with the security alarm system. 

The educational premises of the university meet the sanitary norms, requirements of fire safety rules and labor protection norms. This is confirmed by the relevant official documents included in this accreditation case: Conclusion of the Main Department of the State Food and Consumer Service in Kyiv № 0600/84 dated 30.01.2017 and certificate of the Main Department of the State Service of Ukraine for Emergencies in Kyiv on fire safety requirements № 21/388 dated February 28, 2017. In all premises of the department the necessary requirements of safety and fire safety are observed, there are appropriate instructions, evacuation plans. The condition of the lighting of the auditoriums and the sanitary norms of the premises meet all the necessary norms and requirements. In educational computer classes: computers – 18 units. (Table 2). Highly qualified employees of the department maintain the technological equipment in working order. The material base of the department is constantly improving. In recent years, the staff of the department has done a lot of work on the equipment and modernization of existing methodical rooms and computer class. The department has classrooms with the possibility of lectures and group classes using a multimedia projector and an interactive whiteboard. Execution of practical work at the department is fully provided with equipment, devices and tools. The development of new guidelines for practical work is carried out only in the presence of equipment that is necessary for a particular job. The department is also provided with the necessary technical means of education. The level of equipment of offices and workshops, their technical condition meet the requirements of curricula and programs. The department has the opportunity to use the material and technical base of external organizations. Students undergo research and undergraduate internships at leading companies in Kyiv and the regions: Epicenter K LLC, Palladium UA LLC, AZHUR FROZEN FOOD LLC, Vimpel-45 LLC, Internet Advertising Agency LLC Media ”, PJSC“ Myronivsky Hliboproduct ”, LLC“ Agrotechsoyuz ”, LLC“ Ukrfort LTD ”, LLC“ Complex Agromars ”, PJSC“ Kyivenergo ”, PJSC“ AB “RADABANK”, LLC “Galran”, LLC “Europe Import LLC”, NKREP , Krona-Kalynivka LLC, Rozbut LLC, Galaktika Corporation LLC, Adron Research and Production Company LLC, etc. The number of computer places in a specialized computer class (18) and other laboratories of the Faculty of Management and Marketing KPI. Igor Sikorsky (87) ensures the implementation of the curriculum – 40 per 100 students, which meets the requirements. It is planned to upgrade computers to more modern ones, as well as to create additional computerized places for students. The university is connected to the global Internet. Through the local computer network of the university, all departments have the opportunity to receive the necessary information. To improve the educational process, the Electronic Campus of the National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute named after Igor Sikorsky” is used, which is part of the Corporate Portal of KPI. Igor Sikorsky, which is a subsystem of the Unified Information Environment KPI. Igor Sikorsky. Provision of equipment, facilities necessary for the implementation of training programs meets the requirements – 100% of the need. 

Provision of non-resident students with dormitory is – 100%, which meets the requirements of 70% of the need. Dormitories are located on campus. The university has sports and health complexes. There are canteens and cafeterias in the premises of the educational buildings. The campus has a dining room, cafeterias, and medical facilities. KPI Library named after Igor Sikorsky is one of the most powerful scientific and technical libraries in Kyiv. The average number of full-time students per seat in the reading rooms of the university library is 14.9, and the number of volumes of educational literature per student is 136.2 (Table 1). The Department of Economics and Entrepreneurship has the appropriate conditions for the training of EQL specialists “Bachelor”, “Master”.


The value of indicators

Study area per full-time student (at the university as a whole), sq.m.


Training area assigned to the department, sq.m.


Number of rooms / total number of places:


- audiences


- specialized laboratories


- computer classes


- methodical offices


- reading rooms


- courses of course and diploma design


Availability: - cathedral local computer network


- released to the Internet, Wi-Fi


Number of computers


Number of computer places per 100 students


The average number of full-time students per seat in the reading rooms of the NTB University

1814,9 (1500 : 224)

The average number of volumes of educational literature per one full-time student

18136,2 (30517 : 224)

Provision of laboratory equipment, in% of demand


Use of funds for paid services for the educational process (purchase of educational equipment, literature, etc.),%


Possibility to use the material and technical base of external organizations (research institutes, enterprises, institutions, etc.)


Provision of dormitory for non-resident students, %


Availability of food outlets


The presence of a gym


Availability of a stadium or sports ground


The presence of a medical point


Table 2. List of specialized offices of the department

Name of laboratories, specialized offices, area

The name of the discipline according to the curriculum

Available technical equipment (equipment)

019-7 Computer class 55 m2

Methods and models of analytical activity; Statistics; Cost management; Informatics; Planning and control at enterprises; Computer technologies at the enterprise; Application software; Economics and organization of innovation; Accounting

Computers - 18 pcs