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Poland Warsaw Polytechnic University Prospects for Academic Mobility of Teachers of Economic Specialties in Technical Education Institutions Conference Theses
Poland Academy of Leon Kozminsky The prospects of student exchange, the creation of a school of startups, the exchange of teaching methods Joint methodological activity, exchange of experience, participation in a joint round table
The Faculty of Management and Marketing cooperates with the following universities: – Technical University of Ilmenau, Germany; – Brest State Technical University, Belarus; Faculty of Economics; – Belarusian National Technical University, Belarus; Faculty of Marketing, Management, Entrepreneurship; – Technical University, Gabrovo, Bulgaria; Faculty of Economics; – Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria, Faculty of Economics; – Technical University, Varna, Bulgaria; – St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University, Russia; Faculty of Economics and Management; – The Moscow State Technical University. M.E. Bauman, Russia; Faculty of Engineering Business and Management; – Novgorod State Unitary Enterprise named after. Yaroslav the Wise, Russia; Institute of Economics and Management; – Nizhny Novgorod State University named after M.I. Lobachevsky, Russia; – St. Cyril and Methodius Uncle, Skopje, Macedonia; Faculty of Mechanical Engineering; – University of Bratislava, Slovakia; – Vilnius Technical University Gediminas, Latvia; Faculty of Business Administration; – Riga Technical University, Latvia, Faculty of Engineering and Economics; – Tallinn Technological University, Estonia; – Polytechnic Krakow, Poland.