Dear colleagues!

We invite you to participate in the work of the

ХVІІІ International Applied and Theoretical Research Conference



which is being held on November 27, 2019

at the Department of Economics and Entrepreneurship.

In case of participation, please fill in the registration card of the conference participant by the link





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About us

university building

Benefits of learning at the Department of Economics and Business National Technical University of Ukraine "KPI":

It has the highest IV level of accreditation and is the best in the country and known worldwide.

The Department of Economics and Business provides basic training in economics and trains specialists in "Business economics", maintains 10 institutes and departments of the University and it is providing more than 50 economic disciplines teaching.

The high skilled of teachers (the department has 5 professors, doctors and 25 assistant professors, PhDs) with great practical experience.

A high level of teaching student the main disciplines of the specialty with modern educational facilities (staff department has trained more than 20 textbooks and manuals) with computer workshops which introducing interactive methods of education.


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Kyiv, 03056, pr. Pobedu 37, Building 7, Room 522
Phone: (044) 204-98-58, (044) 204-80-68