Principles of management and regulation of the national economy and its subjects

Scientific leader of the group: сandidate of Economic Sciences, prof. Krush P.V.

Founded in 1997.

Branch of science: Economic sciences: enterprise economics, organization of production, management, economic theory, regional economics.

Areas of scientific and technical activity:

Competitiveness of the subjects of the national economy

Strategic management of industrial enterprises

Entrepreneurship as a factor in the development of the innovation-investment model of the Ukrainian economy

Development of the intellectual-innovative system and social infrastructure of the regions of Ukraine

Corporate transformations in the structure of the national economy of Ukraine Management of investment-innovation support of industrial enterprises

The role of institutes in the functioning and development of the national economy Resource support for the competitiveness of enterprises

Corporate management of joint stock companies

Mechanisms of crisis management in industrial enterprises

Nature of research: fundamental, applied.

The school takes part: 4 HD, 8 pHD

During the period of activity, doctors of sciences - 1, candidates of sciences - 23

Achievements over the past 3 years:

monographs published– 13

Scopus publications as of October 1, 2017 – 8

prepared by the subject of dn –1, k.n. – 4

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Phone: (044) 204-98-58, (044) 204-80-68