Specialist - educational qualification of higher education person on the basis of qualification of bachelor received complete higher education, special skills and knowledge, sufficient for tasks and responsibilities (work) a certain level of professional activity that are provided for jobs in a certain economic activity.

The admission to study is in accordance with:
1)      Conditions of admission to higher educational institutions of Ukraine to 2016, approved by order of MES № 1085 from 15 October 2015.
2)       The Rules of admission to national technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" in 2016.

The realization of the goal involves the acquisition in the process of learning relevant knowledge and skills that provide a deep knowledge of fundamental economic laws, substantiation of ways of development of the enterprises in conditions of market economy.

 The competence of the specialist economy:
˗  to form a systematic knowledge on the management of business enterprises, which allow us to find and justify an effective solution;
˗  to develop the strategy and tactics of development of the enterprise in the long term; to assess the results of operations from the point of view is commensurate with their invested capital;
˗  to determine the effect of various factors on the deviation of effective indicators; to predict the state of development of the enterprise with regard to economic decision-making;
˗  to predict the state of bankruptcy and to develop a set of measures for their prevention and other.

 The selection of talented young people capable of mastering academic disciplines that implement the objectives of the training and provide the future specialist with a set of required competencies through an integrated entrance test to training for eql "specialist".

The program integrated entrance test includes basic professional subjects of the curriculum "bachelor" training direction 6.030504 "Economics and entrepreneurship".

 Disciplines of independent choice of educational institution



Subjects of free choice of university


Foreign language of professional direction


Management accounting


Anti-crisis enterprise management


The intellectual property


Subjects of free choice of students*


International management


Managing staff development


Management of financial sanitation of enterprises


The financial services market


Personnel management


Social policy

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